Friday, January 9, 2009

All work and no play

Ok my life since last Sunday has been like this. 5am wake up, go to work. 7.30pm leave work, eat dinner, put kids to bed. 10.30pm go to bed. Repeat.

No run since last Sunday. I did step out on Monday but could immediately feel something in my quad and haven't bothered to try running since. No time anyway! Feels like there is a minor tear in there. May test it out again tomorrow but looks like I'll just have to let nature take its course and take a couple of weeks off.

So not a great week! Looking forward to some family time tomorrow. Both the girls start ballet (Sophie for the first time) and then Emily is having her early birthday party. Then off to the pub with a few friends to watch the Panthers beat Arizona tomorrow night. Back to work Sunday!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Today Coach had thrown a rare hill workout into the mix. I jogged to the bottom of Sardis Lane and did 10 * c. 400m hill repeats with jog back down recovery.

The 400s were 76,78,77,76,76,76,75,76,75,75 and the recoveries all 1.57-2.00, so it was a very consistent workout.

I actually felt FIT doing this. Leg turnover was better than it has been. Tim had picked out a good location for a hill workout, the first 300 or so was a gradual uphill then it kicked in for the last 100 and I was really having to pump my arms and legs to keep the momentum.

Happy with the workout considering the miles this week and that the legs are feeling tired. My right groin is a little sore but this week I plan on running all my non workout miles at over 7 minute pace. The end of the week will be crazy with work so hopefully I'll still be able to squeeze the mileage in.

Week was as follows-

M- off (planned)
T- 7.17 easy
W- 12 easy am/6.3 easy pm
Th- 9.5 including 1*2 miles, 3*1 mile (2 minute jog recoveries)
F- 7.34 easy
Sa- 16.2 long
Su- 7.32 including 10*400m hills (jog down recoveries)

Total- 65.8

Saturday, January 3, 2009


That one's especially for Tim!

A very enjoyable run today. Went to the Dowd, ran 4.3 by myself, then met Jocelyn and Adrian for another 4, then Lori, Kathy, Cummins and Adam joined us and I did the 8 mile loop while they carried on. Pace was a lot faster than anticipated but a nice run, good company and chat. Legs were trashed at about mile 14 but more good miles in the bank! Over 50 in the last 4 days!

It's funny, normally when I'm training hard my lower legs give me issues. Since the introduction of the orthotics and, dare I say it, the calf sleeves, my lower legs are doing great and it's the quads giving me grief!

Going to grab some shut eye now while Sophie naps and Emily is out!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

More quad death

My legs feel so heavy at the moment! Today's run was an 'easy' 7.34 during my lunch hour (yes I actually took a lunch hour today!). Breathing wise the run felt fine but my legs just don't have that spark at the moment. I didn't look at my watch until after the run and was surprised to see that I had run at 6.30 pace. Surprised because a) this is a hilly run and I didn't push it that much and b) it felt a lot slower because of my legs!

I'm guessing it is just the body's way of telling me it needs to re-adapt to the higher mileage. My legs will come round in the end. I'm not taking it as a sign that I am overdoing it and need to back off. I think the schedule I'm following at the moment- 65 miles a week including 2 workouts and a long run with a 20% cutback every 4th week- is tough but definitely doable, especially if I want to get back into my pre-Cleveland Half shape.

We'll see....

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Things can only get faster

Well my New Year began with being at my desk at 5.30. Knew I had a day's work to catch up on so got in very early so i could at least head home at lunch time. I'll take today's holiday some other time. We report our half year numbers next week, Christmas and New Year are always really busy for me!

Today's workout was 1.44 warm up (9.50) straight into 2 miles then 3*1 mile with 2 minute jog recovery between each. Ran on the trails at Mcalpine rather than track. 2 miles was 11.10 and the miles 5.29,5.34,5.32. Legs felt very heavy, at some points I felt I was sinking into the trail! can tell i'm getting stronger but feel so slow and heavy still!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

First of all the formalities. Pulled off my double today. Ran to work (12 miles) and then half way home from work in the evening for 18.3 total for the day. Legs felt pretty heavy for the second run but good time on my feet today. Will have to see what impact today's runs have on my planned workout tomorrow!

So another year ends. I hope everyone has a great time tonight and a wonderful year ahead.

Looking back on the year past it was mixed from a running point of view. I picked up a lot of niggly injuries this year but also got some good races in. January started with me carrying a knee injury that I had picked up after a November fall. Blew both calves out too in March so my planned track races didn't materialise. I got fairly fit between April and June and won/placed in a few races then took the plunge and entered the Richmond Marathon, which set the tone for the summer/fall training.

Under the guidance of 'Leg' I got very fit over the Summer. Nabbed my sub 16 5k for the year at Greek fest in August without doing any 5k training, then went up to Cleveland and smashed my Half PR. This came at a price however, as my pf flared up and put the mockers on running at Richmond. Training was effectively curtailed for a couple of months as was the blog.

November saw me inserting orthotics and getting back into training, which brings us to the present. I'm back in a good training block and feeling pretty good although the fitness seems to be taking longer to come back as I get older!

I don't have too many specific goals for 2009. The primary and immediate aim is to stay healthy. If I can manage that for a couple of months I should be set for some fast races in the Spring. I would like to run some 5ks on the track and have a go at those PRs. The second aim for 2009 will be to get another marathon under my belt. I won't plan for a specific race this time though, I will hop into one when I am fit and training is going well.

I would also like to hit 2,500 miles this year. Last year I only managed 2,167 after 2,380 the year before. I had 98 non running days which is ridiculous!

From a personal point of view the highlights included celebrating my 9th anniversary with my best mate and watching the two rugrats grow up at an amazing rate! Especially Emily, our 4 year old pre-schooler now Kindergartener starting to read and write and falling in love with the Jonas Brothers. 5 going on 15 as my Dad commented this week! We can't wait until our February vacation at Disney World!

Work wise I made the move from my Cube to my Office but with that came all the additional responsibilities, hours and stresses. I need to address that in the year ahead!

So there it is, a quick recap of my year. Thanks for reading and here's to a great 2009!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Took yesterday off in the end. Still plan to hit my mileage for the week if I can double up tomorrow and Saturday as planned. Today it was an effort to get out of the door as well to be honest! Weird my motivation has been lacking the last couple of days- I should be chomping at the bit!

Actually after today's run I felt better about everything again. I did an easy 7 and did it nice and slow to the extent I was barely breathing harder than I do when I walk, so it was nice to see the last two miles come in at 6.40 and 6.30.

Some reasons the motivation might be lacking a bit? Not having any races scheduled? During the weeks it is always bloody dark when I run? Who knows, but hopefully it's just a temporary funk

Tomorrow I am planning on running to work and then half way home in the evening for a nice 18 miles total!!

And of course it is the last day of the year, so expect some sort of review of the year and goals for 2009 on your next visit.