Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tevez rescues United

My headline was going to be 'Four for four' but amazing drama at Ewood Park relegated my victory to the inside pages. United almost threw away their lead at the top of the Premiership but a late late header from Carlos Tevez meant that hopefully the title is almost sewn up, with the big game to come at Chelsea next week. I was able to catch the game on FSC and my celebrations freaked out the kids a bit I think. And Emily calls goals 'touchdowns', I've got to sort that out!

Anyway back to the running and I did win this morning, but it was a close run thing! Woke up feeling better than expected and after a warm up of checking the course out felt pretty confident. The funny thing about the warm up was that the course takes in a crossing of railway tracks. I literally had to wait five minutes while the longest goods train in the world went past. I was hoping at that point that there weren't going to be any trains during the race!

Checked out the competition on the start line and last year's winner was there, plus my mate Cody, looking sleek in his calf sleeves, who prior to this race boasted a pr in the high 16s. Last year's winner took it out and I just settled into a rhythm with Cody on my shoulder. We reached the mile mark in about 5.05. The first mile was pretty much downhill so this felt about right. Cody and I took up the running at this point and the middle mile wound in and out of a pretty dodgy neighbourhood before heading back towards the main street. Mile 2 took about 5.17. I was in the lead with Cody settled in nicely behind me. To be fair I was expecting him to crack as he had never run this fast before but I couldn't shake him. In fact with about half a mile to go I let him take the lead just to check out how he was doing and he seemed very comfortable. I was now a bit worried! However, the last half mile was pretty much uphill and Cody dropped back a bit and I won in 16.16. Subsesquently discovered that the course was 3.18 miles so may actually have been faster than last week and even a sub 16??

Whatever I was pretty happy with the race. I'm hoping a pretty easy week will leave me feeling ready for a fast race next Saturday when the Grand Prix resumes and the big boys running low 15s will be back. I think I can safely say I won't be five for five, but a sub 16 is definitely doable

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